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June 4, 2024


It’s 1944. The world is at war. Safe within the confines of the small town of Windsor, eighteen year old Nurse Adina Robbins works alongside her father, Dr. Henry Robbins—a complex, fearful, and troubled man who has hidden the truth of his Jewish ancestry for many years. Adina strives for her father’s approval and affection, and longs for more than the doldrums of her small town nursing life.

On a warm June day, Adina’s best friend coaxes her to go with her to spy on the new German prisoners at Camp Windsor, a P.O.W. camp located within their small town. Little did Adina know that her life would change that day, as she encounters a kind, young prisoner named Daniel Christensen, a German soldier, conscripted by force, with a deep hatred of Hitler and his fascist ideologies.  He will change Adina’s  life, and open up her heart to know what it means to be truly loved. As her passion for the young prisoner intensifies, Adina will need to confront her fears, as well as her father’s lies, even if it means letting go of the One she wanted most.


“Love has the power to make us do things we never thought we were capable of doing.”


Current Work In Progress


In the small 1970s town of Citrus Grove, surrounded by endless orange groves, Nora Bright stands out. Different from her peers, Nora possesses a unique and other-worldly perception of the world. Her mother, Ava, struggles to make ends meet, working to clean the homes of  the wealthy residents of Citrus Hills during the day and engaging in mysterious nighttime activities to survive. Despite facing ridicule from her peers, Nora finds comfort in her steadfast friend Gabriel and an unlikely bond with a stray dog she encounters in the orange groves.

One fateful evening, Nora's world is shattered when she witnesses a heinous crime amidst the orange trees. Despite her young age and shadowy memories, the trauma of that night haunts her relentlessly. With the support of a compassionate detective and a few allies, Nora navigates the aftermath of the incident, but the shadow of her experience looms large. As Nora grapples with her unique abilities and the weight of her memories, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. However, the question remains: will Nora's differences ultimately prove to be her salvation or her downfall?

Set against the backdrop of struggle and imagination, "Nora Bright" explores themes of identity, trauma, and the enduring power of friendship. Nora's journey serves as a reminder that sometimes, the greatest strength lies in embracing one's differences, even in the face of adversity.

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